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Our Happy Customers

The air is so clean. I have COPD and it has helped my breathing. I used to have about three colds a year and I have not had one since I got my Rainbow.
Kathy WallaceFlorence, AL
I love my Rainbow because my house is much cleaner and always smells so fresh. I have not had any sinus infections since I got it and before I had one or two a year. I shampooed the carpet in Fame Studios that had been there 40 years and it looks like new carpet.
Linda HallMuscle Shoals, AL (owner Fame Recording Studios)
I bought my Rainbow because it uses water and doesn't throw dust back in my house. It also cleans my carpet like no other vacuum can. I like that it cleans and sanitizes the air. It's so versatile and the quality is second to none. The best purchase I have ever made.
Mary Beth PraterWaynesboro, TN
I was amazed by how much it pulled from my floor, walls, and the air. My daughter was on 3 allergy medicines a day. She has come off one medicine completely and the other two she only takes as needed. I tell everybody about the Rainbow.
Sarah Beth MartinWaynesboro, TN